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Futureway participated in 11th Int'l Rechargeable Battery ExpoRelease date:2020-07-02

Exhibition Name: 11th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo
Exhibition time: February 26-28, 2020
Venue: Tokyo, Japan
Introduction: Battery Japan 2020 11th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo will continue to gather Japan first-line secondary battery and related industry manufacturers, and visit buyers from secondary battery manufacturers, portable equipment manufacturers, secondary battery users, universities / national research institutes, next generation automobile manufacturers, electronic product manufacturers and other secondary battery related enterprises. The exhibition is divided into these parts: equipment area, material area, battery area, detection area and capacitance area, creating the largest and most professional secondary battery exhibition in Asia. Battery Japan is in the same period with FC Expo, PV Expo, PV system Expo, wind Expo, Int'l biomass Expo, Int’l Biomass ExpoSmart GridEnergy Market Liberalisation Expo and ECO House & ECO Building will be held together, collectively known as world smart energy week.

In order to better explore the Asia market, Futureway took part in the event with a variety of solutions in the field of new energy vehicles. After careful preparation, with exquisite technical level, Futureway silicone rubber has become a major bright spot in the industry. At the exhibition, Futureway solutions were provided for the buffer, sealing and support of new energy vehicle cells, which attracted many new energy manufacturers to watch, consult and negotiate. At the same time, it also took the rare opportunity to understand the new demand of energy market and the development direction of the industry, which brought great encouragement for the company to enter the Asia market.

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