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FUTUREWAY®silicone adhesive is a two-component silicone adhesive that can be quickly foamed to form an elastomer when mixed at room temperature. FUTUREWAY®silicone adhesive has excellent properties after curing such as low density, excellent elasticity, low water absorption, excellent aging resistance and so on. It can be used for sealing, potting and bonding, such as PACK automatic seal, electronic equipment seal, cylinder core encapsulation, automobile lamp hood sealing, etc.

FUTUREWAY®RTV Foaming Silicone Adhesive Sealants Series

Basic Parameters

Viscosity (mPa·s) 30000 - 70000
Density(g/cm³) 1.0
Temperature Range(℃) -55 - ﹢200
Compression Force Deflection(kPa) 4 - 180 (After curing, compress 25)
Temperature Range(℃) -55 - ﹢200
Specifications Achieved UL V0 and HF-1,SMP 800C,RoHS,REACH...
Applications Automatic seal,Cell filling buffer,heat conduction,delay the spread of uncontrolled heat
Application Markets
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