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FUTUREWAY®silicone sponge offers a wide range of high-performance elastic materials in various product forms. Its excellent mechanical properties and sealing ability enable it to prevent wind, rain, impact or vibration in many applications. In addition, the high tensile strength and elongation of silicone sponge material can meet the requirements of complex mechanical environment. FUTUREWAY®SR series can provide customized processing services, providing more flexibility for your design.

FUTUREWAY®Silicone Sponges Profile SR Series

Basic Parameters

Thickness Range(mm) Customizable
Density(g/cm³) 0.25 - 0.70
Hardness (HC) 10 - 80
Temperature Range(℃) -55 - ﹢200
Specifications Achieved EN 45545-2,DIN 5510,ASTM E162,E 662,BS 6853,NFF 16-101,RoHS,REACH...
Applications Sealing strips, shock pads, cushions...
Application Markets
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